What To Do When You Cant Install Vmware

I downloaded the latest release of VMWare Server 1.0 and found myself looking at the installation screen for about one second before it disappeared. I ran the installer several times and thought perhaps I got a corrupt copy. So I deleted the file and downloaded a new copy. At the same time I downloaded VMWare 2.0 Beta as well. After a long wait, I got both copies. Yet both copies still didn’t want to install. It was weird for me since I never had trouble installing VMWare.

Apparently several people had the same trouble I was going through. One solution was to kill the FixCamera.exe process. After doing that, my VMWare installation ran flawlessly. The difference between my former installation of XP and the new installation was that I recently bought a web camera for my laptop. Seems like that process is causing a lot of problems with other applications that used to run as well. Killing FixCamera.exe doesn’t affect the performance of my web camera though.

Right. Now off to download gOS.

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