Ubuntu One What It Is What To Do When It Doesnt Work

There are a lot of online storage providers nowadays. All of them taking advantage of cloud computing. I first started off with Dropbox and I’ve yet to try out Box.net. Sometime in May 2009 I signed up for yet another online storage provider. Ubuntu One is similar to dropbox. It offers free 2GB of space just like Dropbox. They also offer a paid plan of 20GB for a monthly fee of USD 10. A tad more pricey than Dropbox’s 50GB for USD 9.99/month. So, why pay more for the same thing? Well, it isn’t the same thing.

Ubuntu One’s paid service allows you to help fund the future developments of Ubuntu. It’s like a help-me-help-you kinda thing. Also, the people in Ubuntu plan to integrate this into the operating system’s applications so application-specific information can also be backed up, stored and retrieved from other computers.

The whole thing is still on beta mode and I just recently got the invite to open an account. Installation procedures are pretty much straightforward and easy. Until I hit the roadblock. Step 4 requires you to add your computer. The thing is, clicking on the Ubuntu One application does absolutely nothing. No panel icon. No Ubuntu One website. Nothing. So I file a bug. Here’s where the beauty comes in. Anyone can file a bug. And usually you get some sort of response within a few hours. I got my response. Apparently the bug has already been reported before. And some people have found the solution to the problem.

First, open up the terminal and install the following.

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-tools

After installation has finished, kill the ubuntuone-client-applet (just in case it’s running)

$ killall ubuntuone-client-applet

Then run it again by clicking on Applications » Internet » Ubuntu One to start the process. Wait a bit. Takes a while for the website to come up. If it doesn’t after a few minutes, go back to the terminal, kill the applet again, then type the following.

$ ubuntuone-client-applet --signup

That should work. After you’ve added your computer to Ubuntu One, kill the Ubuntu One applet once more then run it normally from Ubuntu’s menu. You should be able to see the icon on the panel now. If the panel icon has a red cross on it, then just right click on it and click on Connect. You should be good to go from there!

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