Importing Blog Entries Into Facebook

I’ve always wanted to make full use of Facebook Notes.  I’ve seen some of my friends cross-post their blog entries into Facebook Notes and I wanted to do that too. But I didn’t want to keep on copying and pasting between the sites.  Thankfully with a little research on Google I was able to find a much easier way of cross-posting without having to download a Wordpress plugin.

It’s simple really.  All you need is to know your RSS feed.  Facebook has instructions on how to import entries from an external blog.  If you go your Notes page, you should see the Import a blog link on the right side.  From there, enter the URL of your blog’s RSS feed.  Agree to the Terms of Use.  Click on the “Save Settings” button and that’s it!  Facebook will check your RSS feed every few hours and import new entries as notes on your account.

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