Join Google DevFest 2010

Google will once again be going around the world to give you a day of product talks, coding, demos, and fun fun fun!

Google DevFest 2010

This year, the DevFests will be happening at cities in Australia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, Israel, and Spain.  This is a time where people get to learn more about Google technologies and products.  It’s also a time for networking.  To meet other developers and engineers.  While all DevFests are free, the slots are limited according to the venue.  So people are encouraged to register early.  Schedules and registration for the DevFests in various countries are available on their website (

Here in Manila, Philippines, the Google DevFest happens on July 6, 2010 from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT +8).  Among the topics that will be discussed are Chrome/HTML5, App Engine, Social APIs and Maps API.  Five developers and engineers from Google will be on hand to discuss these topics at length throughout the whole day.  From experience, DevFests are very informative and a whole lot of fun!  Though this year I have to be ready with my camera and/or my sister’s camcorder.

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