OpenOffice Org Now Open For Student Interns

Are you a student looking for something to do during your vacation?  Perhaps you just need some extra cash.  Whatever your reason, you may want to look at’s offer.  It could mean 3,500 EUR (over 4,000 USD) for you! (OOo) is well-known as the free open source equivalent of MS Office.  Recently they launched their student internship for summer 2010. Students first have to submit a project proposal.  Possible projects can be found on the OOo wiki, mainly on the proposal, to-do and education project pages.  It’s also possible to propose a completely new project.  They may contact one of the developers via OOo’s IRC channel or email one of the members of the Supervisory team for inspiration, suggestions or advice about a new project.  Aside from the proposal, an assigned mentor will ask the student to build the OOo application on the platform of choice as well as other needed tasks.  This is to ensure that the student is capable of developing the program.  If the student passes the mentor’s requirements, the project gets listed on the OOo wiki.

Student-developers from any country are invited to join provided that they can work full-time on their project for 3 months.  Every accepted student intern will be assigned a mentor.  The mentor is also in charge of give mid-term and final evaluations on the progress of the project.  Each student intern gets a chance to earn 3,500 EUR (4,000+ USD).  That means: 500 EUR (600+ USD) will be given once the project is accepted and starts; 1,500 EUR (1,800+ USD) if the mid-term evaluation shows good progress; and another 1,500 EUR (1,800+ USD) if the project was successfully completed at the end of the term.

Acceptance of proposals started last May 31, 2010 and will continue until June 30, 2010.  Work starts on July 1, 2010 and ends on October 31, 2010.  For more information, visit OOo’s wiki page on the Summer 2010 Internship.

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