Learning To Write Regularly 750 Words And Diaro

750 words.

That’s the challenge I have to face everyday for the next 30 days.  If I were using a typewriter, that would be three pages worth.  The 750 word challenge is not just for the month of November (which also coincides with NaNoWrimo) but is a monthly challenge that goes on throughout the whole year.  The object of the challenge is to get you writing, well, at least 750 words a day. This is where I relearned something.

Don’t put on the breaks when you’re writing your first draft.  Just write.  Let the words just flow from your fingers.  Type now, edit later. The nice thing about this challenge as well is that I get to relearn how to think beyond 140 characters.  That’s the problem that evolved from using Twitter so much.  Writing in Twitter actually prevents me from expounding on my thoughts.  Thoughts that I can write in my blog.  The 750-word challenge is turning out to be a good exercise right from day one.

That said, I need to find a way to write as often as I can regardless of time and place.  After searching through the Android Market, I came upon an application called  Diaro. Diaro is a diary/journal application.  Simple enough.  Good interface.  It allows shows how many characters I’ve written so far on a particular day as I write my thoughts.  Unfortunately, that’s all it has, a character count.  I wish this application has a word count as well.  The application also has password protection.  You can add categories, GPS points and pictures to whatever you post.  You can search and share your post as well.  It also has Twitter support.  The application is free with ads.  A small fee allows you to remove the ads.  In my opinion, the ads don’t get in the way of the whole look and feel of the application.

Since Diaro doesn’t have a word count, I had to search the internet to know how many characters there are in a page.  Turns out that typists count a word as five characters in order to determine their speed in terms of words per minute (WPM).  Having that, I just simply multiply 750 by 5 and I get a value of 3,750.  That’s 3,750 characters per day that I would need to write.  but that’s just an approximation.  By the count of the 750 Words website though, my words just amounted to 742.  So I had to do a few fillers.

What I do now is to simply write whatever comes to mind for the day.  If there’s something there that stands out as blog worthy (like this post I’m writing right now), I just simply copy and paste on WordPress and edit as needed.  Hopefully, this challenge will make me write more frequently.

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