100 Day Social Network Blackout 21 Days After

It’s been 21 days since I started my social network blackout.  What have I learned?

For one thing, I learned that kicking the habit is REALLY HARD! But I’ve been a good little girl so far.  Except for the occasional post that is thoroughly work-related, I haven’t been posting any status messages on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  However, I have been replying to the status messages of others on Facebook.  I have also be sending direct messages to some people in Twitter.

A good thing that’s coming out of all of this is that my blog is slowly becoming quite useful again! This is the only thing that’s not part of my blackout experiment.  Then again, I never really considered blogs as part of today’s online social network.  But writing a blog post demands more than just 140 characters.  Which means when I write, I really have to give it substance.

I also realized what my Twitter and Facebook accounts are actually good for: Promotions.  I recently started writing for Technoodling.net.  The problem with me having to go on blackout is that I’m not able to tell people in my network that I’m about to livecast an event I’m attending.

Do I miss being able to “talk” to people on Twitter?  I definitely do!  Which is why I can’t wait for my blackout phase to end.  Will I be updating my status messages as often as before?  Maybe not.

But at least I’m writing again. :)

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