PLDT's Android Desk Phone Imagine The Possibilities

I had just written about PLDT’s launch of the TelPad, an Android desk phone, on Technoodling. Basically a rebranded Andy Technology AD-1000 Smart Desk Phone, this turns out to be possibly the world’s first Android desk phone released to consumers. Households and businesses can have their very own unit by availing of PLDT’s TelPad service for as low as 1,849 pesos a month. The cheapest service would come with a DSL connection and a landline.

With so many affordable Android phones coming out in the local market, the release of the TelPad could basically mean an even bigger penetration of Android within the Philippines. Already I could imagine the immense possibilities of what a user can do. More than that, I could imagine the immense possibilities on what our local mobile developers can come up with for a potentially huge market base.

Since the PLDT TelPad uses Android as it’s operating system, users can install practically whatever application they would like for the smart phone for as long as it’s available in the Android Market. This is where the budding developer comes in. Thanks to the Android Market, the developer can build a killer app that can take advantage of the smart desk phone’s features and simply release it without having to go through PLDT for permission to have it installed on the appliance.

Since this is the Philippines we only have access to free applications in the Android Market. That being the case, how does one make money out of the applications they make? Simple. Build two versions of the application. It’s a tried and tested business model that works really well. Release a free application into the Android Market. This free app will contain the basic functionality all users would need. Your free app will also contain a link that would lead the user to a site. This site contains information about the paid version, like what other features this would contain and how to obtain it. The paid app will have to cater to the power user. The wonderful thing about the Android OS is that it would allow you to install an application even if it came from a source other than the Market.

Indeed, this would be a great time for IT students and beginning mobile developers to learn how to program for the Android OS. The little green robot is here and PLDT is now giving it an immense boost.

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