Behind The Scenes The First Philippine Android Community Meet Up

After a month or so planning the event, we finally got to meet the rest of the Philippine Android Community (PhAC) members for the first time! A- and I arrived at Shangri-La EDSA Plaza around 2:45pm and started searching for a vacant table at Starbucks on the sixth floor.  We thought we’d never find a place until by good chance someone decided to leave.  So one-by-one people started showing up.  The surprise was when a big group of students from STI showed up for the meeting bumping the number of members up to the thirties.  You can read some of what happened on  But there was more that happened during the event.

I was able to talk with the STI students and they asked if we could do a talk during their upcoming fair at the Global City campus.  I was delighted and seized the chance to talk about Android as well as other mobile technologies.  Anne Olvido and her old team were also there at the meet-up.  I told them about STI’s fair and asked if they could take part in it by presenting the apps they created for the past programming contests.  Glad to see they’re ok with it for as long as it fits into their schedule.  So all I have to do now is wait for the students to email me their schedules and requirements.

I got to meet Gary (wasn’t able to catch his last name and I didn’t have his business card) who introduced me to Mark Ian Ignacio.  It was awesome to see how he played around with that cheap China Android tablet.  Turns out he’s also handling several web servers.  I plan to get in touch with him again so we could see how to upgrade our current website.  I’m planning to move it away from Shapado and use OSQA instead.

I also got to talk with Edison Go Tan from PHP Users Group.  He extended an invitation for PhAC to join the school road shows.  I figured that it would be a good opportunity for the Philippine Mobile Developer’s (PhMoDev) group to join in as well.  We’ve always been wanting to do a road show for the schools and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do just that.  I’m looking forward to chatting with him again. We were so engrossed in talking that we lasted to almost 9pm!

All in all, it was a wonderful meet-up and I’m really looking forward to the February meeting!  I think next time I’ll use something like Eventbrite or Plancast.  Plus, I should have a registration method so I can have a more accurate count of who showed up. Finally, I need more calling cards.

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