2011 The Year Of Firsts

Ah yes! The first month of 2011! So new! So bright! So promising! On my birthday last year, A- told me that this was going to be my year. My time to finally come out and shine. It’s only now that I’m realizing what that means. There’s a new job in the works that I’m so excited about and I’m hoping that I get picked for it. It’s something I’ve never done before but actually have the experience and skills to make this work. Who knew that what I used to do in my spare time would actually be a requirement for this job? But what if I don’t get it? What then? Well, I got to talking with Sacha Chua one night and she impressed upon me that I can still do that even without the job. Just without the title, of course. Still, it could be my way of beefing up my advocacies. That said, I’m hoping I do get that job. Already I have ideas on how I can use my knowledge, skills, and social networks to implement what needs to be done. The job sounds wonderful because potentially it not only helps the company but I could use my position to fire up the mobile development industry in the Philippines and get us on the map. A perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.

Then there’s the Philippine Android Community (PhAC). I used to be a president of MaPalad (Philippine PalmOS Users Group) but I was never the founder of it. So I saw this as a nice challenge. After two months of lackluster online exposure we actually have more than 50 members on board. Not bad! So what if I put in just a bit more effort to get things going? Anne Olvido has been a great help. She’s such a joy to work with and she has such a wonderfully exuberant personality! She’s surprised me with what she can do, as well as her offers and ideas. I doubt I could pull off setting up PhAC without her support. That said, I’ve already gone and scheduled the first meet up with the rest of the members. I’m hoping this could be a monthly event. There are a lot of other things that are planned this year. But they won’t work unless I get members who want this organization to be successful as well. I’m hoping that I get to meet people who are go-getters and are not afraid of putting in a bit of elbow grease to get these plans going.

Then there’s Mensa Philippines. I haven’t renewed my membership in quite a while. Mostly because the current leaders just aren’t giving me any reason to renew at all. I thought A- would no longer allow himself to be nominated for the Board of Trustees. But he changed his mind and with good reason. If he leaves, then who else would try to get Mensa Philippines going again? So he agreed to be nominated on the condition that he becomes president. That’s a lot of guts to do. But he has a point. If something is going to work, then there should be a leader who wants it to work. Not just assign someone to do the task. If he does become president or if someone else wants to be president instead, then I’m renewing my membership. I promised A- that I could help out with some activities that could reinvigorate the organization. Specially since these are activities that are conceptually new to most of the members but have been going on for a long time in the technology and design industries. Again, it needs a little bit of elbow grease to get things going. A- has an ambitious goal though. To have Philippines host the 2012 Mensa International Convention. That’s a BIG challenge indeed! Something I’d love to help achieve in any way I can.

Yup! This indeed is going to be a year of firsts. The year where I and anyone else I work with will be doing things we’ve never done before. Things we’ve never even dreamed of! I have every intention on truly making this my year.

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