Presenting Android To STI Students

I previously mentioned that I met a group of STI students during the January meetup of the Philippine Android Community.  I also mentioned that they had invited me to give a talk on Android development during their school’s ICT Roadshow.  That happened last March 10, 2011.

It was a wonderful event!  I met two people from NEO Technologies, namely Kathryn Day (Account Manager) and Anci Puzon (Events Supervisor).  We talked a bit about their products, one of which happened to be a very lightly marketed Android tablet that’s in limited supply.  I have to remember to invite them to the PhAC meetup this March.

My presentation went along smoothly.  At first, I was quite apprehensive after the talk since no one in the audience was asking questions.  I did give a sigh of relief later on when I heard their feedback after my talk.  I’m glad that they appreciated my presentation and look forward to future talks with STI Global City.  A great many thanks to the students of STI and to Ms. Cheryl Buatin for the invitation!  Thanks go out as well to Anne Olvido and Mai Ladanga for coming over and presenting their applications to the audience!

Here are the slides I made for my presentation.  The code sample used was courtesy of Sunit Katkar and can be found here. You’re free to use my presentation if you wish.  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Philippines License apply.

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