A Day Of Baking

A couple of weeks back my best friend enrolled me in a baking class in MIHCA as a gift. Yesterday I was able to attend this class.  This was one of MIHCA’s lifestyle classes.  I was hoping that this was more than a demo class and would allow real hands-on baking.  The class did not disappoint!

We ended up baking five recipes. I was specially interested in making the foccacia since I had never tried making yeast breads by myself. It was fun to be able to knead and feel the dough in your hands. Some people think it would be easier to use an electric mixer with a dough hook. But I find doing it by hand more enjoyable.

We got to take home all of the food we baked. Next month they have an advanced baking class. Me and my new friends plan to get together again and join the same schedule. In fact, we bonded so much that we plan to have a monthly reunion to bake and share new recipes!

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