Android Basics Demo At The PLM

Last August 9 I was invited to give a talk on Android development. My friend, Anne Olvido was also there to give a talk in User Interface Design. I was surprised at how much effort these students put into the preparation of this activity. There were even a couple of intermission numbers.

The PLM students were such a lively bunch. I’m glad to see how eager they were to learn about the Android platform. The students continued to ask questions and tips for their projects and thesis.

At the end of the day we had the usual appreciation plaques. But the surprise of my life came when I opened up my package later. I was given another Starbucks drink tumbler. I don’t mind this since one can never have too many drink tumblers. But what surprised me was that they gave me a book: “Pastry” by Michel Roux! I eagerly read the book and started planning my next baking project from it. These students know how to do their research!

To the students of PLM, thank you for inviting us over! If you ever need help with your projects, you know where to find us. :)

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