Working With Msysgit And Bitbucket

I decided to try again and use git.  The last time I used git was about two years ago. I used to use Project Locker for my projects. The problem is the free account only has 300MB of space and a maximum of 3 projects. I needed more than 300MB since my slide decks were easily hitting 6MB each and my documents were also hitting around 35MB. Then of course I still had to save my code.  So much as I was a Project Locker user for so long, I decided I needed to move. Bitbucket was an easy choice since its free account has no limits on storage and number of projects.

Since I was still using Windows 7, I had to find a way to simply get started without fooling around much with configuring my system.  Thankfully I found Jason Meredith’s Git for Windows Developers series. I downloaded msysgit and started following Jason’s directions in part’s 1 and 2. I’ve yet to read Jason’s part 3.  That said, I was able to follow through quite well with his series. Definitely one of the better tutorials out there.

Another good git tutorial shared by a friend of mine is Nick Farina’s Git is Simpler Than You Think. It was Nick’s blog that made me decide that I really needed to go back and really learn git for my projects and documents.

So far I’ve moved two of my current projects to Bitbucket and I must say their servers are definitely faster than those of Project Locker. Using git will be so much easier to manage my projects across two computers and three operating systems (Windows 7, Windows XP, ArchBang Linux).

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