Adjusting The Screen Size On Ubuntu In Virtualbox

Recently I upgraded the Ubuntu system on my VirtualBox. That included a correctional upgrade for the kernel. Lo and behold, after that upgrade my display wouldn’t behave anymore. It wouldn’t resize properly to the virtual machine (VM) window. It was either too big or too small for it. I figured I might need to do a reinstall of something.

Screenshot of running Ubuntu in VirtualBox

Update AUG, 22, 2014 I just found out that NerdGrind’s link now points to a spammy site. So I’ve removed it. But if you’re looking for a fix, read on!

A quick search on Google came up with NerdGrind’s solution on how to increase screen resolution on VirtualBox for an Ubuntu install. So I went ahead and followed the directions. Long story short: I just needed to re-install the VirtualBox Guest Additions, restart the VM and everything was back to normal again. Thank goodness for that. I don’t think I can take having to reinstall the Ubuntu VM. Too much time will be wasted if I do.

Ubuntu VM System Version: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) VirtualBox version: 4.1.18 R78361

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