Working With Go

I have this idea that’s been brewing for the past couple of months. Normally I would work on it using Java but I decided it would be a perfect time to learn new technologies. I ended up learning Google Go and the Google App Engine . There’s still some other stuff I need to learn, like AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap .

I’ve been using my Core i7 laptop a lot for development and training nowadays. But it still is a bit heavy. There are times when I’m not really sure if I should bring the laptop or not. When I end up bringing it, I find that I don’t really have spare time to work on my project and end up regretting bringing extra weight for nothing. When I end up not bringing it, I suddenly find myself with spare time and I would regret not bringing along the laptop. So I was thinking of using my netbook instead. Unlike Java, Go is lightweight. I’m not using eclipse with it anyway. The netbook would definitely a perfect solution.

Things to remember when installing on a Windows 7 machine. When using Google App Engine, don’t forget to also install Python 2.5. I installed Python 2.7.x and it worked just fine. I’ve already installed Go and LiteIDE. I still need to install BlueGriffon (for HTML5 pages) and configure git on this thing. That way I can leave the laptop behind on days when I really don’t need the full power (and weight) of the i7.

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