Learning By Giving The Go Tutorials

I’ve always had trouble studying. Whether it is by learning by myself or through a teacher. But over the years, I found out that the best way for me to learn something is to give something back.

I find it hard to study. A friend once mentioned that I may have ADD. I can’t listen to someone long enough to understand something. Self-study fares a bit better. I’m able to learn. But it’s still hard to retain the information. Over the years I realized that I retain the information longer if I am able to teach someone. It doesn’t matter if I teach face-to-face or virtually through written tutorials.

I’ve been wanting to learn the Go language since last year. And yes, I have learned and wrote a few programs. But heck, I’ve now forgotten about it and have now to start from scratch once again. I do need to use this for a personal project. So I’ve decided to create my own Go tutorials so I can finally get around to retaining what I learn from the language.

I’ll be sharing my tutorial here on my blog. I’m looking forward to also learning from other people as well. It would be nice to hear advice from others so I can integrate them into the tutorial.

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