Reboot V2 Octopress

During the last days of 2012, I started to work on the website for Mensa Philippines. After about 24 hours working on the site using Blogger, it’s now just waiting for the thumbs up of the Mensa officers. So I decided it was high time to give my blog a new look as well. The last time I did a reboot was in May 30, 2010.

At first I was thinking of just giving it a new look. Then I thought of moving the blog to a new webhost. I was hoping that the Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2 instance would come out cheaper than using NearlyFreeSpeech. As it turns out, that’s not really the case. Then Marc Tan suggested I take a look at Octopress. And I did. And I fell in love with it. So now I’m getting ready to move my blog from Wordpress to Octopress.

Moving to Octopress also meant a change in my writing workflow. Now, more than ever, I’ll be able to write out my thoughts using my phone on Evernote. It also meant making use of my bluetooth keyboard again. Since the whole thing uses Markdown, it means I don’t have to think about HTML formatting while I’m typing out my thoughts.

I found a way to move most of my posts from Wordpress to Octopress. It just needs some minor corrections first. Then some changes to the look of the Octopress blog. Then I can finally switch the domain to the new platform.

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