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“Office Notes” is my way of keeping track of my discoveries that might be helpful for my work. I prefer to put it here because it’s so hard to keep track of them on Facebook, Google+, and Diigo. These notes are also updated as new versions come in. So it’s possible that this post can go really long.

Today, I discovered Bolt.

Much of the stuff we do is to make websites. At one point, we were discussing what CMS to use for a client. There was talk of using the proprietary CMS or WordPress or something similarly “heavy handed” CMS. At least for me, it seems heavy handed. I mean, if the site isn’t going to take full advantage of WordPress or Drupal or Joomla, why should we still choose these? There has to be a more lightweight solution. Something that’s still flexible enough for what’s needed but shouldn’t take much time to learn or modify.

That’s when I found out about Bolt. I haven’t quite played around with it yet, but I like the features. One of which is that I feel that it’s easier to find the parts I need to modify on Bolt. I also like the idea that I can take an HTML prototype and simply add fields into it to turn it into a dynamic page.

I still have to play around with Bolt to find out how stable this is. But people on Reddit and StackOverflow have highly recommended this.

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