TGS Now Uses Hugo

As 2016 ends, I realized I haven’t written here in a couple of years. I should though. So I went to work upgrading the platform. I was using Octopress (a Ruby-based static page generator) to generate my blog. My problem though was that it was getting clunky to use. Development also seemed to have stalled with the promise of a new version remaining vaporware for a couple years now. I’ve always wanted to move to Hugo for two reasons: the development is ongoing, and it is using Go.

The move was relatively painless. The one thing I couldn’t figure out for a while was when I had finally uploaded the newly renovated site to AWS S3, the static site wouldn’t load. It was soon solved when I realized that Hugo had canonical URLs turned off by default. So my pages couldn’t find the other resources on my site. Enabling canonical URLs fixed the loading problem.

Another problem I have is relatively minor. I’m using Disqus as my comments platform. The discussions are still there, but they don’t show up on the old posts. Very strange. But like I said, it’s minor. So I won’t be actively looking for a solution to that.

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