My name is Charo Nuguid, a.k.a. Head Geekette.

The Short Story

I teach. I code. I mentor. I’ve dabbled in enterprise web development, backend systems development, mobile app development, build management, courseware development, technical writing, knowledge management, project management, IoT, DevOps. If you can think of it, there’s a good chance I’ve done it.

Ask me anything: Java, Android, Go, AWS, DevOps, baking, cooking, coffee brewing, frogs, fountain pens, creative writing, Ghostbusters. I’ll probably know the answer. If not, I’ll find out and get back to you in 30 minutes or less.

Yes. Like a delivery service.

The Long Story

I’ve had more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry doing training and software development. Most of my career has been spent using Java Enterprise Web backend development. I started doing Android development in 2009. I’ve dabbled in IoT using Raspberry Pi and Arduino systems. Nowadays I’ve been doing systems development using Go. I’ve also been working on my certification for AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

I’ve been known as one of the tech shapers in the Philippines. I helped found Mobile Monday Manila and the Philippine Android Community. I was also one of the organizers in editions 2 to 4 of Startup Weekend Manila. I regularly get invited to conduct talks and short training courses, and mentor during events by various organizations.

I’m the kind of person who looks forward to dealing with something new. (“It’s an adventure, Charlie!”) Which is why I moved from the IT industry to the Advertising industry in August 2014. The new position allowed me to do research and development on how the Internet of Things and the maker culture can be used in Creative Technology. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too happy with how the Ad industry worked. So I went back to enterprise work.

I have my fingers in a few pies lately. I’m a huge advocate of accessible knowledge particularly for Information Technology and Information Systems students in the Philippines. I’m one of the organizers of GoManila, a local Go Language User Group here in Manila, Philippines. I’m also pinch hitting for one of the leaders of the AWS User Group - Women Manila while she’s on study leave.

I take care of four dogs, at least 15 cats and kittens, two turtles, a garden full of produce, a lot of fountain pens, a bunch of coffee makers, a vinyl album collection, and this blog. I do a lot of creative writing and had articles published in a few gadget magazines back in the day.

Do you want me to speak at your school or train your employees on anything?

See my services page to know what I can do for you.

About this Blog

This blog first began its existence in blogger.com, under the name Primitive Types, on May 20, 2003. At first it was supposed to be a half-personal, half-geek site. Some time later, the author and a friend decided to start PinoyWeb.Net, so it only seemed proper to revamp the old site. The Geekette Speaketh (TGS) was thus born and given a purely technology-oriented focus. Having pigeonholed this blog on a single theme has prevented me from writing about all the other stuff I’m interested in. Nowadays TGS doesn’t have any specific theme and simply talks about anything under the sun that interests me or piques my passions.

This site no longer uses Disqus or any other comment platform.