Goodbye, 2019. Hello, 2020.

As the sound of fireworks fills the air and welcomes the new year, I look back on the year that was.

2019 has been very interesting. It was a lot of soul searching. Time to figure out if everything I did was worth the effort. There were a lot of ups and downs. There were also deep dives into what connections are worth keeping and what were worth building up. Most importantly, there was a lot of time to understand myself a little bit more.

The early part of the year started with reconnecting with an old student, HB, and realizing I’ve found somewhat an old soul. I saw a little bit of myself in him: a good mix of being a realist and an idealist. It got me examining my life and wondering what to do next.

Connecting with an old colleague made me realize that I still have that need to help people. It was because of him that my want to revive something similar to NovaEd was rekindled. I went as far as meeting up with some of my old students to know what has happened to them after six years.

I had a bit of travel out of the country. Cambodia was wonderful. It gave me a chance to print more pictures and paste them into my journal.

I wrote more. I finished and published my first Real Ghostbusters fanfic. I’m quite proud of that.

Finally, I lost 10 kg the past year. I gained 2 kg back during the Christmas holiday season though.

So, what’s up for 2020?

Well, I’ve decided to go back into the workforce. I need a bit more flexibility, so I’m choosing what jobs I want. My first job exam will be on Jan 6.

You’ll see me to be more active again in the tech scene. Actively experimenting and writing about whatever I learn. I want to get certified on AWS and Kubernetes.

I’ll be writing more often in my journal as well. I’ll be taking and printing more pictures. I want to finish four fanfic novelettes. I want to write an original story and publish that too.

I’ll be back to exercising and watching what I eat. I would like to see if I can hit 52 kg this year. I hit 56 kg in 2019, so I believe it’s feasible.

Finally, maybe, just maybe, I’ll find a way to get pregnant this year.

Goodbye, 2019. It’s been interesting and pretty much eyeopening.

Hello, 2020! Let’s do this, shall we?

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