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The Spengler Chronicles: Family Matters

The Spengler Chronicles: Family Matters
Dr. Egon Spengler is still having trouble after his fall from the World Trade Center. Even after finally capturing the Boogieman and acknowledging his fear, the trauma still leaves him sleepless. Worse, he starts dreaming of the return of another of his supernatural childhood nightmares. Egon calls on his cousin for help. But will his decision destroy himself, his family, and the ghostbusters in the process? This story is published over at Archive Of Our Own. [Read More]

Cheapest i7 Laptop (Review): NEO B5700 N, NEO B5702

The NEO B5700 N is the cheapest i7 Core-based laptop in the country today. A quad-core machine for just thirty grand. And we had it in our hands! Here’s the rundown. For two glorious weeks I used the NEO B5700 N. Currently the NEO B5700 N is considered the cheapest laptop in the market to have the i7 processor. Yes, you read that right. The NEO B5700 N is a quad-core laptop that can be yours for about one-third the price of a 15-inch 2. [Read More]

Review: Benro Transfunctional Travel Angel Tripod Kit

I fell in love with an angel. The first time I laid eyes on that wonderfully sleek black body, I just couldn’t help but drool. Such a flexible thing. And despite the deceivingly tiny little package, it can extend to an impressively long and sturdy beast. No, I’m not talking about meeting mister tall, dark and handsome. I’m talking about a tripod. More specifically, Benro’s Transfunctional Travel Angel Tripod Kit. [Read More]