Blog Reboot

You may have noticed another change in the look of my blog. Other than that, all my other posts seem to have disappeared.

I’ve decided to have a complete reboot which meant deleting all my other posts. Well, most of them. There are some posts which stayed. You’ll find them under the diary and writing sections. Go take a look-see.

I deleted everything else since they were so dated already. But you’ll notice some of the links to those posts show up under the Disqus comments. If you’re interested in reading those posts, feel free to tweet or telegram me. All my old posts are still in my repo under a different branch.

There are a lot of other stuff that I plan to add to this site. You’ll probably get to see them by early next year.

This site no longer uses Disqus or any other comment platform.

If you would like to reach out to me regarding this post, whether you want to add something helpful or if you would just like to say “thank you”, you can reach out to me via email with the following information.

To: me [at] thegeekettespeaketh [dot] com
Subject: comment on 2019-11-03-1539