My Study Workflow

I’m studying for three things right now: AWS SAA-C03, OCP JSE 17, and Kubernetes. (No, I’m not taking the Kubernetes exam. That will be for next year when I’ve learned enough to start my review for either CKAD or CKA.) My workflow for my study sessions is totally different from when I was in college a few decades back. In fact, the workflow is totally different from what I had even just a few years ago.

Online Study Groups And The Mastermind Technique

This is my second year with Women Who Code Manila. Last year I started off as the technology lead for the DevOps study group. I continue that this year along with being the technology lead for a new study group on Go Programming. One problem we always had for our study group sessions was that it always turned into an ad-hoc training session. According to our usual intro: Study groups are events where members can come together and help each other learn and understand a specific programming language, technology, or anything related to coding, engineering, design.

Goodbye, 2019. Hello, 2020.

As the sound of fireworks fills the air and welcomes the new year, I look back on the year that was.

Using Bitbucket Pipelines to Publish to AWS S3

I have been wanting to do continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) for my blog ever since Bitbucket introduced pipelines. But I never really got around to doing it until now. Previously, I would generate the whole blog and push it to my AWS S3 bucket manually. There are quite a number of steps that I have to go through just to publish so having this finally automated every time I push my changes to the repo is a welcome reprieve.

Blog Reboot

You may have noticed another change in the look of my blog. Other than that, all my other posts seem to have disappeared. I’ve decided to have a complete reboot which meant deleting all my other posts. Well, most of them. There are some posts which stayed. You’ll find them under the diary and writing sections. Go take a look-see. I deleted everything else since they were so dated already. But you’ll notice some of the links to those posts show up under the Disqus comments.

The Spengler Chronicles: Family Matters

This is my first finished fanfic published on Archive Of Our Own.